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Our mission is to promote an environment that fosters cultural sensitivty and enrichment by programming, networking, and guiding Black students, faculty, and staff members, while actively working to improve the quality of the Black experience at University of Florida by fostering a campus climate that is inviting, unified, encouraging, and promotes upward mobility and success.


We are committed to establishing a proactive environment that is sensitive to the issues and concerns that Black faculty, staff and students face including: 
  1. Fostering a sense of unity and collegiality among the Black faculty and staff;

  2. Encouraging and support efforts at upward mobility through effective mentoring;

  3. Assisting with diversity initiative by encouraging the recruitment and retention of Black faculty, staff, and students;

  4. Bringing issues of importance concerning Black faculty, staff, and students to the attention of senior administrators;

  5. Providing leaders with a comprehensive and representative Black perspective on institutional, societal, and programmatic matters;

  6. Serving as a resource to connect UF, Gainesville and its surrounding communities.



Our Philosophy

The Association  is dedicated to the support of all persons of color in all areas of campus. We desire to foster unity and community for the purpose of diversity, inclusion, social justice, and a progressive campus climate in an effort to support the continued success of Black Faculty, Staff and Students.

Our History

The University of Florida numbers of black enrollment, faculty appointments, and administrative hires continue to fall. ABFS is actively engaged in conversations with the University President, Dr. Kent Fuchs, to push the agenda forward to focus on an inclusive campus and culture of peoples of color for improved retention and successful transition.

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