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Treasurer, Woody Noel


Woody Noel currently serves as our Interim Treasurer for ABFS. He currently serves as an Academic Assistant in the Department of Chemistry. Originally from Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands, he moved to Florida over 10 years ago. He went to school at Santa Fe College obtaining an Associate degree and later a bachelor's in education sciences at the University of Florida. He is currently in his master’s program pursuing a degree in School Personnel in Higher Education. Woody is passionate about working with college students and helping them develop the skills they need to be successful. He is also a musician and enjoys playing drums at events and churches around town. 


His main goals for this year are to help recruit more members, search for fundraising opportunities that will benefit the association by giving us more opportunities to come together and participate in events and make sure that all members’ dues are used for good reasons. 

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