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Treasurer, Sean Johnson


Sean Johnson currently serves as our Treasurer for ABFS.  He currently serves as an Assistant Director of Housing in the Department of Housing and Residence Education. Originally from the Chicagoland Area, he went to school at Indiana University obtaining a Bachelors in Journalism with a second concentration in Folklore and Ethnomusicology and Masters in Higher Education.  He is passionate about developing youth and high school/college students into the successful individuals which they see themselves being. Sean is a licensed minister and enjoys finding ways to be local in the communities he lives in and visits.


His main goals for this year are to develop purposeful fundraising opportunities which directly benefit members of the association as well as give opportunities for Black students to be successful at UF.  He would also like to get each person eligible to be a part of ABFS to come and join us and engage this demographic of UF on a regular basis.

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