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Social  Committee

The Social Committee is one of four Standing Committees authorized in the ABFS Constitution.  Its purpose is to assist in carrying out the objectives and purpose of the Association of Black Faculty & Staff.   According to the Constitution, the specific goals and benefits are as follows:

  • To establish a communication and information sharing network among Black people at the University of Florida.

  • To provide networking, career advancement, and social opportunities for members of the Association.

The Social Committee works closely with the Program Development Committee to provide professional enrichment meetings, tenure & promotion workshops, and other opportunities which meet the needs and interests of both faculty and staff.  Both committees actively solicit and encourage input and suggestions from ABFS members. 


During the past year the Social Committee has organized the following activities and events:

  • Meet & Greet at the Reitz Union in March

  • First Annual Family Picnic at Lake Wauburg in cooperation with the Asian Faculty & Staff Association in July

  • Happy Hour in November and February at the UF Hilton Center

  • Holiday Social at the Reitz Union in December

The Social Committee and Program Development Committee also engaged ABFS volunteers in community service for the Fifth Avenue Arts Festival which occurs annually in April. Any member of ABFS may join the Social Committee.  For the convenience of members and their time schedules, we try to conduct meetings via internet or phone conferences.  In-person meetings are held several times a year to coordinate events and activities.

For more information please contact the Social Committee Chair: 

Dr. Barbara McDade Gordon, Geography, Chair 


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